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Monday, March 31, 2008
Going, going, gone.
wow, almost a month without anything to post here. ugh, i should brainstorm sometimes. or else i'll be in a hiatus. i'm about to start my training today and i don't know what to expect. just need to dress myself up then leave it all up to "the day." good luck to me.



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Thursday, February 28, 2008
Hate That I Love Them
So my most admired rhythm and blues artist has just landed on our little country, at the time when anger and frustration could be freshly smelled and felt in the air just like Christmas season. Hay... (That sigh is both for Neyo's presence and for the current situation of our country) How I wish I have extra extra bucks to splurge on tickets of concerts like Neyo's. Okay, maybe I must wish first to have a few bucks for cellphone load before asking for anything grandiose! Haha, that is life. You can't always have what you want, and too bad those are Neyo and Maroon 5's concert tickets that I want, which unfortunately I cannot have. (For me, compared to the artists that have visited Pinas for the past year, the two aforementioned are the most worth it to watch. Yep, I like them more than Beyonce in The Fort!) Anyway, I think I would soon be okay not being able to watch them these coming days eventhough I really love their music. If it is Coldplay to visit the Philippines, ay naku, kakayod talaga ko for tickets, I will do ANYTHING!



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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Men, men, men.

Just posted an entry, about these two beautiful men and the race they were on, on my other blog. And now it makes me feel sad realizing that the Amazing Race Asia 2 was just over. Makes me feel so not because in the end, they didn't win, but because all the unexpected humorous impacts that they deliver together on television will no longer be seen. :(

Malungkot na sana ang buhay nito, but then, Papa just brought me home the season 2 of Prison Break! Yey!

Hello there again, Wentworth! (Kahit na gay ka.) :)



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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Feb Fair! Feb Fair! Feb Fair!
The title was more like of a chant inside my head. You know, when you are in a rally or when you are cheering for your school's varsity team, but it doesn't seem like that in words. Haha! Anyway, UP FAIR aka FEBFAIR. I've been a UPLB alumna for almost a year and a half now, and for us, almuni, it's one of the best events that we love and keep coming back to. I'm sure everyone has heard of it because yearly, all the best local bands promote their gigs that are to be held at the UP Dil's Sunken Garden for one straight week. Sweet. But UPLB's Fair is nothing like that.

Our campus may have some artists and bands on stage, but it's not really that of a big deal. The iskolars of LB are more into socialization. (ooooh, what a word.) Organizations put up booths around Freedom Park (our version of Sunken Garden) and the members (even the non-members and non-iskolars) could get to stroll on the greens or where ever they want for as long as they want--no curfews! It is like the scenery in cemeteries on November 1! Only, 1.) the fair doesn't only last for one or two nights, but six nights at most, 2.) light bulbs are used in each booth and not candles, making the whole place very lively, and 3.) unlike all saint's day, the fair is not celebrated with folks. Absolutely no folks. Great, eh? Yes, but not all that great, because this event could also easily set afire riots between fraternities, with reasons that are usually shallow and just blown out of proportion.

Anyway, the thing that I really like about the whole fair is that, Valentine's Day always falls within that week. My org, UP ADS, usually wait on the night of February 13 until midnight, on the field, to welcome and celebrate Valentine's together. (Aaaawwww...) Brods surprise each sis with a rose or a choco pop (fancy chocolate on a plastic stick) or a small red heart-shaped balloon, or whatever they find cute in tiangges located beside the field. While us, sisses, also give them something, a flower, or whatever we find in tiangges as well. Hehehe.

Would love to spend again V-day in LB, but can't. Why? Coz the season finale of AMAZING RACE ASIA 2 will be on that same day at 9pm and I wouldn't miss it for the world! (I'm not really wishing Marc and Rovilson to win the final leg, but I still want to watch it. ) That's why I can't show up in LB. *sigh* Oh well, I'll just see my friends and orgmates on Friday. Can't wait!
Happy Valentine's everyone!

Pahabol! I wanna share this video of the UP Alliance of Development Communication Students for this year. 'Sang dekada na tayo! Woohoo! Every year, organizations create their own videos to be presented on the big screen at the fair. Here is ours, thanks so much to Nicholas Gabriel Abrenilla (UP ADS Director '06-07). Astig ka talaga, Kulas!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008
What the heck?
I just realized that politics is going chaotic again!

What's going on?

I feel so futile as a Filipino. I'm not caring about anything that has got to do with politics. Here goes another big time issue that is again eating up most of the airtime of news programs and all of the headlines on newspapers, but I am not minding it.

I'm not caring because I don't want to care.

Can you blame me?



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Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Home Sweet Home.
I was scraping my brains out a while ago just because of a simple URL. Oh wait, it's just not a URL, it is one's URL--my URL. Darn it. I've used janinajanina and then jakiki, dot blogspot dot com, but was not happy.

You see, I don't really like making up a long pseudo name or any fashionably elegant name just for blogsites. I'm happy with one word names like my other blog, betamax, for quick recognition and placement. Like when I ask a friend to visit my site or to link me, the conversation would just simply go like "hey ____, link mo naman ako sa blog mo. mine is betamax dot i dot ph. then comment mo nalang sakin yung site mo ha." and the friend would reply, "betamax... dot i... dot ph...? betamax as in... betamax...? VHS...?" "oo, ganon lang, tapos dot i dot ph. pa-link ha? thanks!" And the topic will die a natural death in no more than 10 seconds. No need to scribble it down on paper, or typing and saving it in phone... and especially, no need to spell each letter out, because the word is pretty normal (as of last year. dunno how soon the latest technological inventions would turn betamax into an obsolete word.) I hate letter by letter reiteration. "B as in boy. E. T as in tamad. A. M as in mangkukulam..."

So, for this blogspot, I just decided to use my name. Unfortunately, the name that my parents printed out on my birth and baptismal certificates is just JANINA plus, of course, my surname. And in world of blogging, that short and that common simply means "uh-oh, taken. just think of another name... and goodluck!"

I know that I shouldn't be ranting about it, because blogspot is one of the biggest blog servers (umm, is that how they are called, blogservers?) and they've been one for ages now, hence, I should expect a simple janina dot blah blah will no longer be available. Mind you, I anticipated it. But what's pushing my blood to spurt out of its veins and skin right now is because I've found out the numerous "taken" addresses that I wanted to register are actually not being used by its respective owners. And though abandoned for i don't know how long, these sites have not been deleted and are just left out there, eating up spaces in the www, and depriving me of my own name!

Just take a look at these addresses that I wanted.
All are serving no useful purpose. Most don't even have content! *sigh*

Anyway, after weeks of literally having no permanent address, I think I would be staying here in this one, TheJanina.blogspot.com. I am the Janina of all Janinas in blogspot. Hahaha! Love it!



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Monday, February 4, 2008
First February Weekend!
Weekend was kind of long for us.


Night. We went out with my Tita Elvie and Lizeth, (paternal tita and cousin) to have a ceebration in advance. Tita’s birthday is today, Feb 4 (yey! happy birthday Tita Elvie!!!), and mine is two days after hers. Since the first celebrator had nothing in her mind as to where to eat, we just strolled in Trinoma around 7:30 pm while looking out for some restaurants. But after few rounds of walk and lots of declarative sentences of “San kakain?” were thrown, we were still undecided. We went for Teriyaki Boy just so to get over and done with the strolling and move on to eeeeeating! It was Tita Elvie’s treat, thanks! Or was it Tita Lyn’s? (Papa and Tita Elvie’s older sister who is based in America.) Haha, sponsored celebration!

After dinner, it was time for the next celebration. Mine! We went straight to our family’s favorite bar in Mother Ignacia, QC and spent two hours listening to live bands’ music with beers and food. Hah, of course it was my treat! Only, it was sponsored tooby Papa! Hahahaha! Well, you got it, I’m having fund depletion. *sob* Anyway, we got home earlier than our usual family gimmicks because we had another plan for Sunday.


By 6am, I was already up though we had planned to leave the house at 10am. I planned to bathe Potpot (my baby brother in a form of a shih tzu) because I thought he would come with us, but our minds changed for some non-debatable reasons. Our destination was Auntie’s house in Bataan. Being the only sibling that Mama's got (after their older brother and sister died eons ago), we actually frequent Bataan and actually made it our second home despite the 2-3 hours of travel. Papa is the most professional driver I've ever known, so he never minds putting his hands around the steering wheel and keeping his eyes on the road for hours. But this trip is different because...

Mama was the driver in the morning, while Papa was THE ultimate passenger.

Mama doesn't like driving at night so Kuya was the reliever on our way home,

while the three of us were his backseat drivers.

Trip is different because Papa had always been the driver on long trips like this. The three of them all know how to drive, but Mama and Kuya had never driven far distances such as to Bataan. Mama used to drive her Toyota Corolla within Metro Manila only and in Los Banos, once, when she picked me up in school. Well Kuya, he was borrowing Mama’s car, but never drove farther than the limits of Quezon City. When the Corolla was sold 3 years ago, the two never drove the other (Ino, Papa’s Toyota Innova) because of its size. Now that Papa got Karen (Kia Carens) for Mama late last year, the two suspended drivers have been reviving their skills and wanted to discover NLEX from the driver's seat view!

By the way, me, I don't drive. I just like enjoying my sit and the sceneries. I'm already happy taking pictures along the trip, just like ones shown above and this NLEX sunset.
Well, we were safe and sound when we arrived home (thank You for the guidance); no blood pressure rocketed and no abrupt palpitation happened. They were all great drivers and I was one lucky passenger. :)

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Saturday, February 2, 2008
Photohunt 94: Narrow
While I was working on my blogsites last night, my dad peeked in, as he was literally beside me at the dining area, working on his laptop too. And then he told me to join the Photohunt. He opened one of his blogsites and showed me his entry for this week, then further explained what photohunting is all about. Being a frustrated photographer myself, I, of course, got interested! So for this week's theme, which is narrow, I am sharing this picture:

These two guys are my student organization brothers (or brods, as how we refer to them); Ige, who's pretty comfortable slacking on the floor, and Kulas, who's seriously and desperately trying to defy gravity. This was taken two years ago, when I was still in school, at our the college building in UPLB. Picture says that the corridor is too narrow for a horizontal five feet eight inches human to spread his body out, but it is not too narrow for a Superman wannabe to suspend himself in air!



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Friday, February 1, 2008
Well, hello there, Febby!
This morning, I posted an entry on my other blog, and was shocked upon seeing the displayed date under its title; it reads FEB-RU-ARY-ONE.

Yes, Janina, January's over!!! My oh my! Time flies!

You see, I am a not-so-proud bummer since late October last year. And from then on, current day and date have turned insignificant in my life. My family and friends can occasionally hear me ask, "Ano na nang araw ngayon?!" or see me freak out while shouting, "Anong date na, anong date na? Ay puchay, birthday ni (kahit na anong name) kahapon!!! Hindi ko nabati!" (FYI: Eventhough this kind of incident happens, I still don't rely on my phone calendar features. I DON'T SAVE BIRTHDAY REMINDERS. So if you receive a call, message, or web comments from me, greeting you on your special day, well, that only means you are special and appreciated.*wink*)

Anyway, so here comes February. What is up with me? Nothing. Still nothing. I am yet convincing myself, "try to get into the call center industry, you flimsy little bummer!" just so to have work. Well... We will see. :)

By the way, May called this afternoon and shared her mishaps that took place these past two days. The funny thing is, I just had my usual afternoon kamustahan slash chismisan telebabad with her the other day and while we were on the phone, she sounds so happy and overwhelmed by some new things. But, because of some of life's incongruity, right after that phone call, series of bad news came, and left her somewhat crushed. Oh, back to the May's-call-this-afternoon topic. She let me know that she's kind of excited for my birthday, which is coming next week. Then I told her that I don't feel the same thing because it's like there is nothing to celebrate since I feel somehow bad about being futile worthless bummer. Being a co-bummer herself, she confirmed my drama and even testified, "oo ngaaaaaaa... it is like we are merely existing." Wow, we've been "merely existing" for almost four months now.

So, time does really fly. It fleets, just like commuters in MRT stations on rush hours.



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Sunday, January 27, 2008
What is Jollibee's Surname?
well, he does have a surname...
and no, it's not dela cruz nor santos.



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